Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 49

Darkness and Light

Free Hebrew lessons – December 2010 – Training – Day 49


In our previous lesson we talked about “holiday” – ^ag, about vacation – ^ufsha and also about freedom – ^ofesh.

This year we have had 48 lessons. 
Today, we will talk about the holiday seasons.
In our next lesson, on January 6th, 2011 we will have a long refresher and then we will start our second year of studying Hebrew, using Heblish. Next year (ba’shana ha’ba’a) we will delve deeper into Hebrew.

Today’s menu: Darkness and Light

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

Today (hayom), we will talk about one of the main elements of this holiday season – light.

The holidays at the end of the year include lots of lights. Trees and houses are decorated with lights… white lights, colored lights, twinkling lights, lights in the shape of stars, lights in the shape of reindeer and angels, lights, lights, lights, the more the better.  The electric company is very happy in December.  😉 
In the colder climates where it snows, there is nothing quite as beautiful as a cold winter night with snow on the ground and twinkling lights on the trees and houses.
During Hanukkah we light the candles of the menorah (^anukiya) every day, and the name of that holiday is – ^ag ha’urim
I know that Muslims also have a holiday of lights, Id El Ad^a, during this time of the year.

Why are our holidays during this time of the year full of lights?
The answer is – ha’^ashe^a… the darkness.

In ancient times, before electricity was invented… the darkness appeared very early and the sun rose late in the morning, exactly as we have today. But back then, the days were very dark, too (no lights at home, no lights in the street, no lights in stores, you get the picture…)
Therefore, most religions used light as a way to express happiness (sim^a).


We have already seen that “darkness” is ^ashe^a in Hebrew.
For “dark” we say ^oshe^.
The funny thing is that ^ashe^a (darkness) is feminine and ^oshe^ (dark) is masculine.
Why? I don’t know… it’s weird.  If you know why, or if you have an idea, share it with us on our FB Group, maybe we can enjoy a laugh.  😉 


For light we say or (m).
Here are some words pertaining to light/s:
Light – or (plural – orot)
Lighting (illumination) – teura
Lamp – menora (plural – menorot)

I probably won’t be able to catch your attention again this year because I know how busy you are during this season, but don’t worry, in January you will need a comfortable chair and a big notebook… 😉

Wishing you, your family and your loved ones a happy holiday season, and of course – Happy New Year!

Lehitraot in lesson 50, January 6th, 2011…

I have found your awesome website to learn Heblish! I would like to be added as your friend on Facebook so I can be reminded of new lessons every week. I just started lesson of Day 1 and would like to continue on until I can finally speak the language!  
Thank you for putting up such an excellent source to learn Heblish!! Lehitraot” E.W.

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