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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 55

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Free Hebrew lessons – February 2011 – Training – Day 55


Today we will read a nice article taken from, about one big cake… hungry? 😉

In our previous lesson we learned that the word “shalom” is not only “hi” and “hello,” but also the translation for the English word “peace.”

Today, I took an article from the website. I will post it here and we will learn a few words from that article. I will bold the words I want to teach you today. The article is short, but the cake is BIG 😉

Today’s menu: An article about a big cake

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

By Jennifer Bjorklund

Ronald Reagan once said you can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans. A lot of people will be eating them on top of 400 pounds of chocolate birthday cake in celebration of his 100th birthday this weekend.

The official Ronald Reagan Centennial Birthday cake is officially under construction, and it is impressive. Four Seasons Westlake’s pastry chef David Laufer is heading up a team of 10 who will, in the end, spend close to 160 hours baking and crafting this five-tier masterpiece. During the brainstorming sessions on what the cake would look like, Laufer says, he became a student of all things Ronald Reagan.

“I did; it’s funny,” he says. “I Googled what his favorite flavors were and what his favorite items were.”

If you interested in reading the whole article, you can do that here.

English Heblish
President Nasi (m)
Said Amar (m), amra (f)
Jellybeans Sukariat gumi (f)
A lot Harbe
People Anashim
A lot of people Harbe anashim
Chocolate Shocolad (m) – Here you can see that the accent is not one of the last two syllables, as we learned in lesson 51, because it’s not a Hebrew word.
Birthday You should know that already: Yom Huledet (m)
Cake Uga (f) – We learned about cake in lesson 11
Week Shavua (m)
End Sof
Weekend Sof shavua
Construction Bniya (bni-ya)
Under construction Be’bniya – The right way to say that if you use good Hebrew is: bi’vnia, since the “bi” changes the word “bnia” to “vnia,” but you don’t have to know that, or talk like one who has perfect Hebrew. Most of Israelis don’t… 😉
Impressive Marshim
Funny Mats^ik
It is funny Ze mats^ik – We have mentioned “ze” in lesson 2


Next week we will use these words again, in another way…

That’s it.  I hope you learned some new words and enjoyed the story of President Reagan’s big birthday cake. If you see an article online that you think the class might enjoy, please forward it to me and I’ll check it out for possible future lessons.

Lehitraot in lesson 56…

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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 27

Birthday Celebration

Free Hebrew lessons – June 2010 – Training – Day 27:

Shalom everyone,

Today we’ll talk about my birthday.  Don’t try to take a nap, this will be very interesting for you…! 


In our previous lesson we learned how to say daughter (bat) and son (ben).

But today you have a day off… well, not really…  😉

Today’s menu: Celebration

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

I love to celebrate, and…since it’s my birthday, let’s learn a few new words and then I will “reward” you.

For “birthday” you would say yom huledet in Hebrew.

For “I celebrate” you would say ani ^ogeg in Hebrew.

Later today, all of my Goood customers will receive an e-mail notifying them of this special Birthday Celebration, but ratsiti (I wanted) to give our hard-working students, a little extra time to browse my website and new products before everyone else is notified of the sale.

Read about your special pre-sale here.


I hope you take advantage of this special pre-sale, and I hope you all know how much I appreciate your hard work these past six months…congratulations! 


Lehitraot in lesson 28…

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