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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 30


Free Hebrew lessons – July 2010 – Training – Day 30:


I hope that our American and Canadian friends enjoyed their Independence Days. Next Wednesday it will be our French students’ turn.  Hooray, here comes Bastille Day. Now I need to figure out what I’m gonna buy my wife, because Bastille Day, July 14th, is also my anniversary…  😉

Today we’ll continue to enrich our vocabulary. 

In our previous lesson we learned the words for: flower (pera^), plastic bag (sakit), stem (givol), vase (agartal) and bouquet (zer).

Today’s menu: Vocabulary

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.


For flight you should say “tisa” in Hebrew.
   – My flight number is 714 – mispar ha’tisa sheli 714. (number – mispar, my – sheli)
   – (Talking to a woman) What is your flight number? – ma mispar ha’tisa shela^?
     (“Your,” when talking to a women is shela^, when talking to a man, it is shel^a.
      We learned “mine, your, his” and “her” in Lesson 21).
   – My flight number is the same – mispar ha’tisa sheli hu oto davar. (“my” or “mine” is sheli, “the same” – oto davar).



For airplane or plane you should say “matos” in Hebrew.
   – This is our planeze ha’matos shelanu. (our – shelanu)
   – Our plane is very big – ha’matos shelanu gadol meod. (big – gadol, very – meod)


Luggage and suitcase

For suitcase you should say “mizvada” in Hebrew, but for “suitcases” or for “luggage” you should say “mizvadot,” which is the plural of mizvada.  
   – Hey, where is my red suitcase? – hey, eifo ha’mizvada ha’aduma sheli? (red – adom (m), aduma (f))
   – Oh, sorry, I took your suitcaseoh, sli^a, laka^ti et ha’mizvada shela^.
   – Thanks very much – toda raba.
   – (talking to a taxi driver) Hi, here is my luggage – shalom (or hi), hine ha’mizvadot sheli.


English Hebrew/Heblish – Singular Hebrew/Heblish – Plural
flight tisa tisot
airplane or plane matos (m) (also aviron) metosim
suitcase mizvada (f) mizvadot
luggage mitan (if it’s a big box, container or something big) mizvadot mitanim
big gadol (m), gdola (f) gdolim (m), gdolot (f)
red adom (m), aduma (f) adumim (m), adumot (f)
the same oto davar    –
very meod    –


I don’t know about you, but after all that talk of “flights” and “suitcases,” I’m ready to jump on an airplane and go somewhere!  Why don’t you write to me through our Facebook Group and tell me where you would like to travel… 😉

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