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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 23

Holiday^ag Shavuot

Free Hebrew lessons – May 2010 – Training – Day 23:

^ag samea^ – (happy holidays),

In our previous lesson we read the end of Conny’s story, corrected her Heblish and also learned many new Hebrew words. Some of the words were in the first person.

Since today is a holiday (^ag Shavuot), we won’t have a real lesson, but I still want to put a little focus on those first person words.  

Today’s menu: A short focus on some first person words

Let’s take only what we’ve learned from Conny’s story:

English Hebrew – Heblish Examples
I asked Bikashti – I asked for my watch back.
– I asked for her to buy me an ice cream.
– I asked for my teacher to teach us about Roosevelt.
I asked Shaalti – I asked “Excuse me, what time is it?”
– I asked her “Would you buy me an ice cream?”
– I asked my teacher “Who was Roosevelt?”

In Hebrew there is a difference between asking for something to happen (a request for some kind of “action”), and simply asking a question.

More examples:
   – I asked for a chair.
     This is a request, so in Hebrew we say: Bikashti kise.

   – I asked “may I sit down?”
     This is just a question, therefore in Hebrew we say: Shaalti “ani ya^ol lashevet?”

More words from Conny’s story:

English Hebrew – Heblish Example
I ate A^alti I ate a steak – A^alti stek. (This is not a mistake. In Heblish you should write and say ‘stek‘) 
I said Amarti I said hello – A^arti shalom.
I took Laka^ti I took a taxi – Laka^ti monit.
I wanted Ratsiti I wanted a kiss – Ratsiti neshika.


That’s all for this lesson. It’s only a few words, but a very important concept in the Hebrew language. 😉

Lehitraot (see you) in lesson 24…