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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 26

Family II

Free Hebrew lessons – June 2010 – Training – Day 26:



—> Hint:  don’t miss the last part of this lesson…

Some of you have asked me to give shorter lessons… we live in a busy world… 😉  So, from now on our lessons will not be as long, but if any of you want to learn more, please feel free to nag me via our Heblish group on Facebook, and I will help you to learn more Hebrew.

Today we’ll talk about the most important subject in our life – our kids. 

In our previous lesson I simply showed you 4 pictures – a cat (^atul), a bird (tsipor), fly and flies (zvuv/zvuvim) and a beautiful photo of a peacock (tavas).

In lesson 21 I taught you how to say ima (mother / mom), aba (father / daddy), a^ (brother), a^ot (sister), savta (grandmother / grandma) and saba (grandfather / grandpa). But that’s only part of our family…

Today’s menu: Our sweetest treasure

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

Note:  Remember, the “^” has an unusual sound.  Listen to it again:


For daughter you should say “bat” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Daughter Bat  
My daughter Ha’bat sheli Biti
Your daughter (a man’s daughter) Ha’bat shel^a Bit^a
Your daughter (a woman’s daughter) Ha’bat shela^ Bite^
His daughter Ha’bat shelo Bito
Her daughter Ha’bat shela Bita


   – This is my daughter – zot ha’bat sheli.
   – Your daughter (speaking to a man) is beautiful – ha’bat shel^a yafa. (yafa for a beautiful feminine).
   – His daughter is clever – ha’bat shelo nevona. (nevona for a clever feminine).
   – Her daughter bought a dress – ha’bat shela kanta simla. (kanta for she bought)

For son you should say “ben” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Son Ben  
My son Ha’ben sheli Bni
Your son (a man’s son) Ha’ben shel^a Bin^a
Your son (a woman’s son) Ha’ben shela^ Bne^
His son Ha’ben shelo Bno
Her son Ha’ben shela Bna


   – My son loves basketball – ha’ben sheli ohev kadur-sal (ohev for he loves. Kadur-sal for basketball).
   – Your son (speaking to a woman) is tall – ha’ben shela^  gavoha. (gavoha for a tall masculine).
   – His son is fat – ha’ben shelo shamen (Shamen for a fat masculine).
   – Her son is handsome – ha’ben shela nae (na-e’) (nae for handsome).

That’s all for today.   

And now for your “Hint”…

Sunday is my birthday, therefore in our next meeting I won’t give a lesson. Instead, we will meet here on Monday, June 14th to celebrate by birthday…and please note… that’s Monday, not Thursday as usual!!!

Don’t miss that meeting…

Lehitraot next Monday… 😉