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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 28


Free Hebrew lessons – June 2010 – Training – Day 28:


Can you feel the heat outside?

If you are still having cold weather in June, plan your next vacation for June 2011 in Israel and discover what “hot” really is! In the meantime, let’s learn some more Hebrew 😉

Today we’ll enrich our vocabulary. 

Our previous lesson was actually a note about yom ha’huledet sheli (my birthday), and I’m glad that so many of you took part in that sale and celebrated with me. In the lesson before that we learned, how to say daughter (bat) and son (ben).

Last Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day. Remember, in Lesson 21 we learned the words for the members of our family, such as: ima (mother/mom), aba (father/daddy), a^ (brother), a^ot (sister), savta (grandmother) and saba (grandfather). 

Today’s menu: Vocabulary

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

Today we’ll learn some new words, so please clear some of your memory cells, pour yourself something to drink and make yourself comfortable… Here it comes:

English Hebrew/Heblish – Singular Hebrew/Heblish – Plural
Air Avir (m) There is no plural for air
Fire Esh (f) There is no plural for fire
Earth Adama (f) Adamot
Water There is no singular for water Maim (m)


   – There is good air (on the top of the hill) – Yesh avir tov…(be’rosh ha’giv-a).
         Air is masculine, that’s why the word “good” is in the masculine form – tov.
         The feminine form of “good” is tova.
         Let’s put it in a table:

English Masculine Feminine
Good Tov Tova


   – I need fire (to heat the rice) – Ani tsari^ esh (le^amem et ha’orez).
         To heat – le^amem / Rice – orez.

   – The earth is dry – ha’adama yevesha.
         Earth is feminine, that’s why the word “dry” is in the feminine form –  yevesha.  
         The masculine form of “dry” is yavesh.
         Look at the table below…

English Masculine Feminine
Good Tov         (plural: tovim) Tova         (plural: tovot)
Dry Yavesh   (plural: yeveshim) Yevesha   (plural: yeveshot)


   – The water is cold – Ha’maim karim.
         In Hebrew, water only has a plural form, that’s why I used “karim” which is plural.
         The singular form of cold is kar.

English Masculine Feminine
Good Tov         (plural: tovim) Tova         (plural: tovot)
Dry Yavesh   (plural: yeveshim) Yevesha   (plural: yeveshot)
Cold Kar         (plural: karim) Kara         (plural: karot)


That’s it.

Today we have learned some basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. We also learned some adjectives like:
“good” – tov/tovim (m)          – tova/tovot (f),
“dry” – yavesh/yeveshim (m)yevesha/yeveshot (f) and
“cold” – kar/karim (m)           kara/karot (f).

Lehitraot in lesson 29, next Thursday, of course… 😉