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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 48

Holidays, Days Off

Free Hebrew lessons – December 2010 – Training – Day 48

Shalom le’kulam (Hi everyone),

In our previous lesson we talked about the websites I build and I taught you some useful sentences in Hebrew. On the same day (last Thursday), a big blaze started in Israel and killed 42 people. Five million trees went up in flames.

My brother (a^ sheli) who lives very near (she’gar meod karov) took some photos (tsilem kama tmunot). Here is one of them:

If you (plural) would like to see more photos (im atem rotsim lirot od tmunot), click here: Moments


Today, we will talk about happy things. 

Today’s menu: Holidays and Days Off

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

We use the word holiday to describe time we spend touring or for national or religious events:

I went on holiday to Israel last year. Businesses were closed during Yom Ha’atsmaut (Independence Day), which is a national holiday.

In Hebrew “holiday” is ^ag, but when you say “I went on holiday,” you should say “yatsati (I went) le’^ufsha.”  Hey, where is the word ^ag?

What we can learn here is, that when we say “holiday,” the simple translation is ^ag, but when you use it to describe a time you spend traveling and sightseeing, the word you want to use is ^ufsha.

In other words, ^ufsha is a vacation.


We use days off to talk about time we use for things other than work:

I am taking a couple of days off to visit my parents.

In Hebrew “day off” is yom ^ufsha and “days off” is yemey ^ufsha

Most Israelis say it incorrectly.
For “day off” they say yom ^ofesh and for “days off” they say yemey ^ofesh.

The word ^ofesh means freedom
Maybe because the Israelis think a lot about freedom, they use it incorrectly when they just take a day off.  Although… a day off from work is definitely a sort of “freedom.” 😉

Happy Holidays!

Lehitraot in lesson 49…

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