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Heblish Lesson: Day 8


Free Heblish Challenge – January 2010 – Training – Day 8:


Day 8 and the last lesson in January.

Now that we have completed one month of lessons, I must admit that preparing the lessons is taking more time than I had anticipated. Also, several students have mentioned that they are struggling to keep up. With that in mind, I have decided to have only one lesson a week (on Thursdays) beginning in February. I really want to keep the lessons of high quality and free of charge, so I think this change in our schedule will be beneficial to all.

But, this is not to say that you are going to take a vacation! I’m still waiting to read your questions of “how should I say _______ in Hebrew.” As I mentioned in Lesson 7, you can “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of the page, and I will respond to you.

In our previous lesson we talked about the conjunctions “and,” (ve) and “the” (ha) and we also looked at some new words regarding “food,” like dag, chips

So what we are going to learn today?

Today’s menu: “Also,” and “for me”


For “also” we say “gam.”

Therefore, to say: “Fish and French fries and also ketchup,” you should say: Dag vechips ve’gam ketchup.”

In Hebrew we use the same word as you do for ketchup.

If you want to be polite, you can add the word “bevakasha” (please) which we learned in Lesson 3: Dag vechips ve’gam ketchup, bevakasha.

More examples:
   I have a car and also a truck – I have a car vegam a truck.
   The fish is good, and also the salad – hadag tov vegam hasalat


For me

In Hebrew “for me” is only one word: bishvili

Bishvil is “for.” The last “i” makes it “for me.”
   For mebishvili
   For himbishvilo
   For herbishvila

For me, lamb and baked potatoes, and for her, fish and French fries and also ketchup, please.

Wow, what a long sentence…

Bishvili, lamb and baked potatoes,
vebishvila dag vechips vegam ketchup, bevakasha.

Let’s learn two more words before we go on:
   Lamb – keves
   Baked potatoes – tapu^ey adama


Now let’s do it again, but slowly:

For me, lamb and baked potatoes, and for her, fish and French fries and also ketchup, please.

   For me – bishvili

   Lamb – keves

   And baked potatoes – vetapu^ey adama

   And for her – vebishvila

   Fish – dag

   And French fries – vechips

   And also – vegam

   Ketchup – ketchup

   Please – bevakasha.

Bishvili, keves vetapu^ey adama, vebishvila dag vechips vegam ketchup, bevakasha.

Shoot me!… 😉


I’m waiting for your questions.

Lehitraot in Lesson 9.