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Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 62


Free Hebrew lessons – March 2011 – Training – Day 62

Shalom, ma shlom^em? (Hi, how are you (in plural)?) 

In our previous lesson we talked about the future tense. I chose a sentence from the Beatles song “All My Loving” and taught you how to say tisgeri (close, in the future tense – speaking to a woman), anashek (I will kiss) and etgaagea (I will miss (you)).

In our next lesson I will teach you how a woman would say the same sentence to a man, but in lesson 61, when I mentioned the sentence “And I’ll kiss you,” I promised to talk about the word you, today …     

Today’s menu: You and with you.

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

In English you say:
You are my love
– I love you
– I want to dance with you

In Hebrew, “you” is expressed using at least three different words…
A woman speaking to a man
You are my love – Ata ahuvi
– I love you – Ani ohevet ot^a
– I want to dance with you  – Ani rotsa lirkod it^a
Ata, ot^a, it^a…

It will not be easy to explain “when” to use “what,” because I don’t really want to teach you complex Hebrew, it is not what we are trying to do here, but I will say this:

1) You use “ata” when “you” is a person doing something (an action, like drinking coffee), or when you would say “you are…” (like, you are wonderful).  I think the best way to learn this concept of “you” is to look at examples.

Here are some examples (speaking to a man):
   – You are going – Ata hole^
   – You are handsome – Ata nae
   – Are you drinking coffee? – Ata shote ca? (I can also ask “ha’im ata shote ca?“)
   – Where do you live? – Eifo ata gar?

2. Ot^a is when “you” isn’t doing an action, but an action IS being directed toward “you”.

Here are some examples (speaking to a man):
   – I met youPagashti ot^a
   – I see youAni roa ot^a  (a woman speaking to a man)
   – She photographed youHi tsilma ot^a  
   – He will catch youHu itpos ot^a

3.  It^a is simply “with you.”

Here are some examples (speaking to a man):
   – I am going with youAni hole^et It^a (a woman speaking to a man)
   – She is coming with youHi baa It^a
   – They will do that with youHem yaasu et ze It^a

Is it just me, or did this seem like the longest month ever? Maybe it’s because February is a short month; I don’t know, but wow, tomorrow is finally April and I’m ready to say “hello Spring!”  😉

Lehitraot in lesson 63…