Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 35A

Free Heblish Challenge – August 2010 – This is not a lesson…

Hi from afar…

What’s this…Thursday without a lesson?!  Don’t worry; I have a little surprise for you.  😉

This time we don’t have to remember what we had in our previous lesson… we’ll do that in our next lesson, September 2rd.

Today’s menu: A coupon

As a special treat, below is a coupon for $20 off any one purchase at Goood Israeli Jewelry.  Redeem your coupon today and tomorrow only(!) – Thursday August 19, 2010 and Friday August 20, 2010. One coupon per customer.

To redeem your coupon, simply enter the code from the coupon in the “Notes” section of your order and $20 will be deducted from your total amount. You will receive an automated response which will not reflect your discount – but two days later when I process your order, I will send another e-mail confirming your $20 discount.

See you soon…

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