Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 63


Free Hebrew lessons – April 2011 – Training – Day 63


In our previous lesson we talked about “you” and “with you,” but only how to speak to a man. In lesson 61 we learned some new words in the future tense, but only how to speak to a woman.

Therefore, today we will learn both genders.
You can also take it as a good refresher for the last two lessons.     

Today’s menu: Completion of lessons 61 & 62.

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

Words & sentences Speaking to a woman Speaking to a man
Close your eyes Tisgeri et ha’einaim shela^ Tisgor et ha’einaim shel^a
Close Tisgeri   Tisgor
Your Shela^ Shel^a
Eyes Einaim Einaim (the same)
And I’ll kiss you Va’ani anashek ota^ Va’ani anashek ot^a
And I Va’ani Va’ani (the same)
I will kiss Anashek Anashek (the same)
You * Ota^ Ot^a
Tomorrow I’ll miss you Ma^ar etgaagea elai^ Ma^ar etgaagea ele^a
Tomorrow Ma^ar Ma^ar (the same)
I will miss Etgaagea Etgaagea (the same)
You * Elai^ Ele^a

* Here you can see that we have the word “you” twice, but in Hebrew it is not the same word. Don’t try to understand the rules for when to use Ota^ for “you” and when to use Elai^ (speaking to a woman). You will learn it from our examples during our Heblish lessons.


In Hebrew, “you” is expressed using at least four different word. Today we will learn three of them:

English Speaking to a woman Speaking to a man
You are going At hole^et Ata hole^
You are handsome/beautiful At yafa Ata nae
Are you drinking coffee? At shota ca? Ata shote ca?
Where do you live? Eifo at gara? Eifo ata gar?


English Speaking to a woman Speaking to a man
I met you Pagashti ota^ Pagashti ot^a
I see you Ani roa ota^  (a woman speaking to a woman) Ani roa ot^a  (a woman speaking to a man)
She photographed you Hi tsilma ota^ Hi tsilma ot^a
He will catch you Hu itpos ota^ Hu itpos ot^a


English Speaking to a woman Speaking to a man
I am going with you Ani hole^et ita^ (a woman speaking to a woman) Ani hole^et it^a (a woman speaking to a man)
She is coming with you Hi baa ita^ Hi baa it^a
They will do that with you Hem yaasu et ze ita^ Hem yaasu et ze it^a


Wow, we learned a lot of new words this week.  Putting them all together to make real sentences is fun, isn’t it?  Let’s have a challenge – who can send me one sentence using the most words from the tables above… are you up for it?

Next week we will have an easy lesson. Don’t miss it! 

Lehitraot in lesson 64…

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