If you missed a lesson, or if you just found this free course and you want to learn Heblish from the beginning, this page will help you to find what you are looking for.

Lesson 1 – Good & goodbye

Lesson 2 – Morning, night, thank you & OK

Lesson 3 – Where, hotel, please, toilet & telephone

Lesson 4 – Vowels E & I and their sounds

Lesson 5 – Vowels A, O & U and their sounds

Lesson 6 – Strange sounds

Lesson 7 – And, the & some words around the table

Lesson 8 – Also, for me & some words around the table

Lesson 9 – One (masculine), I, I want, I see & I understand

Lesson 10 – Yes, no, there is no, thanks a lot, excuse me & how much


“Dear Yaron,

Thank you so much for the beautiful khamsa which I received a couple of days ago. And the packet was so neatly wrapped, you obviously put much effort in your work. And miracle of miracles, a cute little card informing me of heblish! I have tried for years to learn some Hebrew, but a new language plus a new alphabet seemed too much, so I more or less gave it up. Now I have a new chance to learn! I would at least like to understand the texts of your beautiful cantorials from shul, which I listen to almost daily! And I will continue to follow your Heblish classes! Lehitraot!” S.E.H

Lesson 11 – Numbers 1-12, dress, ring, cake, book, bottle & bracelet

Lesson 12 – Shopping – Numbers part 1

Lesson 13 – Number 2, some exceptions & a short refresher

Lesson 14 – Tenses and some new words: number, page, bus, only & in

Lesson 15 – WH Questions: Who, what, when, why

Lesson 16 – Sides, stations & directions

Lesson 17 – Then/so, there is, shop/store & some more places like bank and restaurant

Lesson 18 – Clock (part I)

Lesson 19 – Clock (part II): Time, hour, minute, quarter, half, clock & watch

Lesson 20 – Conny’s story – Part I


“In the course of the year I have ordered several pieces of jewelry from Goood.  When I get the package everything is wrapped very carefully.  This assures me that nothing is damaged.  Opening the carefully wrapped boxes and seeing the most beautiful pieces of artwork puts an instant smile on my face.  Whatever I order looks so much more beautiful than the picture on the website.   Now as I progress in the Heblish-Hebrew lessons I am learning words and phrases that I will be using daily when I finally take my trip to Israel.  Our instructor has sprinkled some fun games and contests  into his lessons which makes learning that much more interesting.  Keep up the good work.  If I might add to those of us who already are taking these priceless lessons, please tell at least one other person to join our group.   Toda.” M. S.

Lesson 21 – Family

Lesson 22 – Conny’s story – Part II

Lesson 23 – First person words

Lesson 24 – Preposition “et”

Lesson 25 – Cat, bird, fly, peacock

Lesson 26 – Daughter & son

Lesson 27 – My birthday

Lesson 28 – Air, fire, earth and water

Lesson 29 – Flower, vase, stem, bouquet…

Lesson 30 – Flight, plane, suitcase, luggage…

Testimonial: “I’m still participating in your friend’s (Yaron Gordon) Heblish class. We will be up to lesson 36 next week.  The course has been very helpful to me.  He prepares the lessons well and gives some very insightful info regarding the grammar.  I only wish we could do it all using the Hebrew alef-bet; although, the job he has done presenting the lessons phonetically

in English  is excellent.” Frank

Lesson 31 – Preposition: from

Lesson 32 – From (continuation)

Lesson 33 – Water, sky, mine

Lesson 34 – The present – singular form

Lesson 35 – Refresher

Lesson 36 – The present – plural form

Lesson 37 – New Year

Lesson 38 – Yom Kippur

Lesson 39 – Verbs

Lesson 39A – Homework

Lesson 40 – Do, eat, see, understand

Lesson 41 – Weather

Lesson 42 – Definite and Indefinite

Lesson 43 – Future tense – Eitan letters

Lesson 44 – I – Past Tense

Lesson 45 – Let’s talk

Lesson 46 – Begget Keffet – p, b and k.

Lesson 47 – Let’s talk again

Lesson 48 – Holidays & days off

Lesson 49 – Darkness & light

Lesson 50 – Refresher for lessons 1 to 8

Lesson 51 – Hebrew accent

Lesson 52 – In & on

Lesson 53 – At & on

Lesson 54 – Peace

Lesson 55 – Happy Birthday Mr. President

Lesson 56 – Practice Hebrew: Say, a lot of, people, week, end, weekend

Lesson 57 – To say

Lesson 58 – Singular and plural

Lesson 59 Refresher for lessons 9 to 12

Lesson 60 – Japan

Lesson 61 – Future tense; Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss

Lesson 62 – You…

Lesson 63 – Future tense & you

Lesson 64 – All about adjectives – Part I – Good, bad / big, small / happy, sad

Lesson 65 – All about adjectives – Part II – Heavy, light / beautiful, ugly / long, short

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Yaron Gordon

Yaron Gordon

Yaron Gordon, owner of one of the most exclusive jewelry boutiques in Israel, Goood, is stepping out of his comfort zone and creating a new way to benefit his customers and friends.

selected lessons

Heblish Lesson: Day 6

“Vocalizing” – Phonetic Lesson. Free Heblish Challenge – January 2010

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Heblish Lesson: Day 5

“Vocalizing” – Phonetic Lesson. Free Heblish Challenge – January 2010

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Heblish Lesson: Day 4

“Vocalizing” – Phonetic Lesson. Free Heblish Challenge – January 2010

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Free Hebrew Getting Started
Getting Started

Free Heblish Challenge – December 2009 – Training – Day

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Basic pronunciation of numbers

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