Happy Holidays!

 ^ag Samea^, Happy Holidays!

Today we don’t have a lesson because of the Passover and Easter holidays.  So, let’s have some fun!


Paint Your Story

Attached is a mandala especially designed for me for Passover (Pesa^) by Michal Fishel, the designer of Maagalot.


Here’s the fun part!

Color the mandala and send it back to me by April 6th. You can use the Microsoft Paint program, or color the mandala by hand and scan it.

We’ll have a raffle (I will put all the mandalas in a pile and pick one, without looking, like a lottery.) and the mandala designer will “read” the winning mandala. This means she will “read” the winner’s story and character by examining the colors of the mandala.

I will send the results to the winner in private.

Join the fun and maybe you will discover some secrets about your life!


Happy Easter and happy Passover to all of you!

We will meet again on Thursday, April 8.

DIY Mandala for coloring

Copyright 2006-2010 © All rights of this photo reserved to Maagalot.

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