Heblish – Hebrew lessons: Day 21

Free Heblish Challenge – May 2010 – Training – Day 21:

Shalom ima (hello, Mom)!

Day 21 and today I won’t bother you with a mountain of words. 

In our previous lesson we read the beginning of Conny’s story, corrected her Heblish and also learned many new Hebrew words such as: yom (day), hayom (today), ^adash (new), kniyot (shopping), kesef (money), etc… If you need a refresher, please go back to the end of lesson 20 and look at the table of new words we learned in that lesson.

Today I planned to continue with Conny’s story – but since Sunday is the Mother’s Day holiday, we will take a break and continue with Conny’s story next week.

Today’s menu: Family

Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.


For mother and mom you should say “ima” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Mother / mom Ima  
My mother Ima sheli Imi
Your mother (a man’s mother) Ima shel^a Im^a
Your mother (a woman’s mother) Ima shela^ Ime^
His mother Ima shelo Imo
Her mother Ima shela Ima


For father and daddy you should say “aba” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Father / daddy Aba  
My father Aba sheli Avi
Your father (a man’s father) Aba shel^a Avi^a
Your father (a woman’s father) Aba shela^ Avi^
His father Aba shelo Aviv
Her father Aba shela Aviha


For brother you should say “a^” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Brother A^  
My brother A^ sheli A^i
Your brother (a man’s brother) A^ shel^a A^i^a
Your brother (a woman’s brother) A^ shela^ A^i^
His brother A^ shelo A^iv
Her brother A^ shela A^iha

Note:  Remember, the “^” has an unusual sound.  Listen to it again:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTJoip09FnU&feature=related

For sister you should say “a^ot” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Sister A^ot  
My sister A^ot sheli A^oti
Your sister (a man’s sister) A^ot shel^a A^ot^a
Your sister (a woman’s sister) A^ot shela^ A^ote^
His sister A^ot shelo A^oto
Her sister A^ot shela A^ota


For grandmother and grandma you should say “savta” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Grandmother / grandma Savta  
My grandmother Savta sheli Savati
Your grandmother (a man’s grandmother) Savta shel^a Savat^a
Your grandmother (a woman’s grandmother) Savta shela^ Savate^
His grandmother Savta shelo Savato
Her grandmother Savta shela Savata


For grandfather and grandpa you should say “saba” in Hebrew.

English Hebrew / Heblish Short Form
Grandfather / grandpa Saba  
My grandfather Saba sheli Savi
Your grandfather (a man’s grandfather) Saba shel^a Sav^a
Your grandfather (a woman’s grandfather) Saba shela^ Save^
His grandfather Saba shelo Savo
Her grandfather Saba shela Sava


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Lehitraot in lesson 22… 😉

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