T – Heblish Dictionary

This is a page for you to look up the words we have learned, in case your memory needs refreshing…

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Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.

              (f) Feminine, (m) Masculine.


Taxi – Monit (f) – (plural: moniyot)

Telephone – Telephone (m) – (plural: telephonim)

Ten – Eser (f), asara (m)

Thanks – Toda

Thanks a lot – Toda raba

The – Ha

The same – Oto davar

Their – See “mine” 

Then – Az

There are no – Ein

There is – Yesh

There is no – Ein

This – Ze

Time – Zman (m) – (plural: zmanim)

To say – Lehagid, lomar

To see – Lirot (should pronounce as: lir-ot)

                 I see – Ani roa (f)

                 I see – Ani roe (m)

To understand – Lehavin 

                 I understand – Ani mevina (f)

                 I understand – Ani mevin (m)

Today – Hayom

Toilet – Sherutim (m) – (there is no plural)

Took – laka^at

   I took – Laka^ti

Three – Shalosh (f), shlosha (m)

Train – Rakevet (f) – (plural: rakavot)

Twelve – Shteim-esre (f), shneim-asar (m)

Two – Shtaim (f), shnaim (m)

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