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This is a page for you to look up the words we have learned, in case your memory needs refreshing…

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Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent. 

              (f) Feminine, (m) Masculine, (v) Verb.

Salad – Salat (m) – (plural: salatim)

Say – Look at “To say

   I say – Ani omeret (f) / ani omer (m) 

   I said – Amarti

See – Look at “To see

   I see – Ani roa (f) / ani roe (m) (roe should pronounce as ro-e)

   I saw – Raiti (ra-i-ti)

See you – Lehitraot

Sell –
   To sell – Limkor (v)
   Singular: Mo^er (m), mo^eret (f)
   Plural: Mo^rim (m), mo^rot (f)

Seven – Sheva (f), shivaa (shiv-aa) (m)

Shop- ^anut (f) – (plural: ^anuyot)

Shopping – Kniyot

Side – Tsad (m) – (plural: tsdadim)

Side dishes – Tosafot

Sister – A^ot (f) – (plural: a^ayot)

Six – Shesh (f), shisha (m)

Sky – Shamaim (m)

So – Az

Son – Ben (m) – (plura: banim)

Station – Ta^ana (f) – (plural: ta^anot)

Stem (a flower stem) – Givol (m) – (plural: givolim)

Store – ^anut (f) – (plural: ^anuyot)

Straight – Yashar

Suitcase – Mizvada (f) – (plural: mizvadot)

Supermarket – Supermarket (m) (also: Markol)

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