H – Heblish Dictionary

This is a page for you to look up the words we have learned, in case your memory needs refreshing…

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Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.
              (f) Feminine, (m) Masculine.


Half – ^atsi (m) – (plural: ^atsaim)
            Half an hour – ^atsi shaa
            Two and half – shtaim va’^etzi

Hand – Yad (f) – (plural: yadaim)

Hello – Shalom

Hers – See “mine

His – See “mine

Holocaust Memorial Day – Yom Ha’Shoa

Hotel – Malon (m) – (plural: melonot)

Hour – Shaa (sha-a(f) – (plural: shaot)

How – Kama 
How much – Kama ole 
             How much is this – Kama ze ole


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