D – Heblish Dictionary

This is a page for you to look up the words we have learned, in case your memory needs refreshing…

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Attention: The underlined letters represent the accent.
              (f) Feminine, (m) Masculine, (v) Verb.


Daughter – Bat (f) – (plural: banot)

Day – Yom (m) – (plural: yamim)

Do –
   To do – Laasot (v) (la-a-sot)
   Singular: Ose (m), osa (f)
   Plural: Osim (m), osot (f)

Dress – Simla (f) – (plural: smalot)

Drive –
   To drive – Linhog (v)
   Singular: Noheg (m), noheget (f)
   Plural: Nohagim (m), nohagot (f)

Dry – Yavesh (m) – (plural: yeveshim)
         Yevesha (f) – (plural: yeveshot)

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