Yaron&ShopYaron Gordon, owner of one of the most exclusive jewelry boutiques in Israel, Goood, is stepping out of his comfort zone and creating a new way to benefit his customers and friends.

Through the years, lots of Yaron’s customers have asked him to teach them a sentence or two in Hebrew. So, he decided to take up the gauntlet and teach them elementary Hebrew. But, big problem: how to teach Hebrew to people with keyboards that do not have the Hebrew alphabet?

After some thought, Yaron has decided to teach some basic Hebrew to his customers and friends using a method he calls “Heblish.” He will teach Hebrew using the English alphabet, a method referred to as “transliteration.”

Is this a place to learn fluent college-level Hebrew? No. It’s a place and a method to learn some simple, helpful Hebrew phrases and sentences, and in the process perhaps learn some wonderful things about this ancient language.

In the past, Yaron Gordon has been actively involved in the Healing Teddies project and also with the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) in an Aliyah project to assist Jews from all over the world in their relocation to Israel. Yaron is currently collaborating with “Ahava” Youth and Children’s Village of Kiryat Bialik, Israel, which is home to many at-risk children and youth, in realizing the important Emergency Center project among others.

It is obvious that Yaron is a kind-hearted person, and that’s not unique among Israelis. What is unique is his willingness to help and constant striving to find new ways to provide a service to his customers and friends.

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